March 18, 2015

Researching Unknown Creatures

Life is a profound curiosity, partially from our understanding of its existence on planet Earth, and also for an overwhelming urge to discover new life beyond our atmosphere. The first step however, is exploring the world right at our front door, to look in both obscure and obvious areas to find knowledge. Scientific exploration is extremely young in the timeline of Earth's history and new species of life are found on a regular basis. Every discovery reveals another piece to the puzzle of life, such as finding living organisms in places we once believed inhospitable, hinting at the possibility of creatures beyond any curious imagination.

Certain phenomena around the world is sometimes visualized as strange or odd, and perhaps those are areas of interest, where the search for alternative forms of life begins. Legends of mysterious creatures seen in the shadows might very well be clues to discovering a whole new idea of what life really is, how it manifests throughout existence, and the only way we will find out is by exhausting every means for answers. With this, there must be something to the number of sightings and reports suggesting a presence of strange unknown creatures, and in volunteering the idea, we must also treat those concepts as with any scientific method in a calculated approach from all angles.

Examining the potential existence of cryptids means to find equilibrium between skepticism and optimism. Skeptic enough to follow necessary documentation with hardened, repeatable evidence satisfying true scientific study. Optimistic enough to entertain the possibility, that a known scientific reasoning may still yet be too premature to make sense of the discovery. For us, researching unknown creatures from ancestral legend, means examining subjects as an unbiased sleuth willing to spend long hours, and even lifetimes, to find the truth.